Slim, Sculpt and Tone with Innovative Morpheus8 Technology

About Inmode

Inmode offers the newest technology to tighten the skin and destroy fat cells. At BeautyFi, we are proud to offer a variety of Inmode devices such as AccuTite, FaceTite, BodyTite, Morpheus8, and Morpheus8 Body here at our day spa in Aventura FL.

Contact us today to try one of these minimally invasive treatments at BeautyFi. 


Morpheus8 is a deep fractional radiofrequency treatment that delivers exceptional skin tightening results. By promoting tissue and collagen remodeling, Morpheus8 improves skin appearance and reduces irregularities for a more toned and even complexion. Try Morpheus8 today and enjoy a more youthful and radiant look that lasts.

Morpheus8 Body

Morpheus8 Body is a fractional RF treatment that delivers radiofrequency energy specifically tuned for body contouring. This technology encourages skin, tissue, and collagen remodeling and renewal, as well as fat coagulation. Come try body sculpting in Fort Lauderdale with our Morpheus8 Body technology.

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